When we need high-precision and high-polish tooling, Canadian Tool is our first choice.
— Nexans
Because of your background knowledge, we feel more confident when we design tooling: we know that an experienced technician will look over our design and warn us if we are mistaken.
It is always good to know there are vendors like your company to support us when we face difficult situations. Lately, the quality of your service has enabled us to maintain an important delivery date to a strategical customer, and we want to let you know we have really appreciated the effort that has been made.
— Alcatel Canada
For over ten years now, I have used Canadian Tool as my main supplier of extrusion tooling. Over that time, I have been extremely pleased with the level of service that you have given. You have consistently supplied tooling of excellent quality in workmanship and precision, and always on time. You have always been willing to assist in technical areas where your experience has given you an edge over myself.
I regard Canadian Tool as one of the finest toolmaking shops in the country. I have certainly appreciated the professional relationship with Canadian Tool through yourself, and I wish you continued success in the future.
— ShawFlex